Have You Read Killer Me Yet?


killer me psychological thriller book


Killer Me is my Psychological Thriller about a girl named Alice. A loner, a bit of a punk, and fresh out of the foster system, Alice sticks to her small daily routines and needs nothing more than the companionship of her best friend and great dane, Bogey.

But when the news become flooded with reports of a resurfaced serial killer running around Vancouver city, Alice can’t help but notice. Especially when a strange man keeps popping up wherever she goes. Soon, Alice realizes that this man is stalking her and could very well be The Vancouver Phantom.

This suspicion is validated when he approaches her on the train, an action that catches the attention of the police. They then use Alice as bait to lure the killer in but when Detective Murphy discovers that The Vancouver Phantom may actually be Alice’s estranged father…things change.

Check out this awesome video review of Killer Me by Bestselling Author Charlene Carr!

And, I can’t reveal TOO much right now, but Killer Me is being considered for a film adaptation! (yay!) So, if you enjoy reading the book before seeing the movie, then I suggest you scurry over to Amazon or your closest bookstore and grab a copy! You can even request it from your local library!

To stay up to date on my Killer Me movie news, sign up for my Reader Perks right here!



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