The Canada 150 Literary Tour NL

Canada 150 Literary Tour NL
The awesome team at LENL (Literary Events NL) and the Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries have joined forces to put together this AMAZING summer book tour!
The Canada 150 Literary Tour NL will consist of 10 library events across the island over the course of 6 weeks starting July 12th in Stephenville. Each event will host a number of different local authors and the entire thing ends with an epic grand finale in St. John’s.
The grand finale will be held on Aug. 16th at the library and will showcase some interactive discussion panels from the best literary talent the province has to offer. This will be followed by an evening of author book signings and other fun stuff!
To top it all off, the entire event is FREE ADMISSION!
If you’re a reader, then be sure to check out the tour stops below and mark your calendars! Also, follow the event’s Facebook and Twitter! We’ll be announcing some BIG guests over the next few weeks.
And, if you’re an author, be sure to sign up right here (for free!) if you’d like to join the tour.
If you’re a reader of mine, here are the tour stops I’ll be making:

Fogo Aug 1st 5-7:45pm

Gander Aug 2nd 5-7:45pm

St. John’s Grand Finale Aug 16th 12:30-7:75pm

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