A Touch of Darkness Series

Every Wicked Born must accept whatever fate the Sorting Ceremony grants them…

Being the Daughter of a Light High Priestess means Lydia Laveau has one fate: the life of a light witch. But when her ceremony chooses her for the Dark Faction—something deemed impossible—her world crashes down around her.

Soon, Lydia finds herself wrapped up in a clandestine whirlwind of blackmail, illegal magic, and betrayal. She has one goal: keep her head down, get through her five-year pledge at the school for dark witches, and return to the human world she calls home.

But when she meets Anson Abernathy, a drop-dead gorgeous third-year Wicked Born accused of murder, she finds herself drawn to him…and all the danger that comes with their attraction.

Can Lydia survive her five-year pledge without unraveling centuries of tradition? Or will her own secrets unlock answers that threaten her very existence?

Fans of DIVERGENT, HARRY POTTER, and A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES will devour this edgy paranormal academy series with a slow-burn romance!

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