You Can Finally Read Iron & Wine Today!

What’s Iron & Wine?

It’s the first book in my Bestselling Paranormal Fantasy Romance Series, The Ironworld Trilogy. But It’s also the very first book I ever wrote…over a decade ago! Needless to say, it was time to show it some love.

Iron & Wine got a total overhaul inside and out. Editing, reworking, extra bonus scenes, plus a new cover by the amazing Majeau Designs! I’m quite proud of it, and I’m stoked to finally share it with readers because it just came out yesterday!

Want to Read a New Excerpt?

I stumbled through the thick woods, nearly falling on my face every with second step. I may have been hallucinating from fear, but it seemed like the trees were…alive. The ones closest to me hovered discreetly, extending their branches toward me and letting their silky green leaves lightly caress my skin as I passed.

When I finally came through an opening to the beach, I ran as far from the forest as I could, but as I approached the water’s edge, I remembered what my friend had warned me about kelpies. I was on high alert as I searched for Lattie, keeping a good distance from the water but also from the tree line.

“Lattie!” I shouted, hoping she would hear me. I wrapped my arms around myself and shivered. “Lattie!”

“I know where your friend is,” spoke a deep, eerie voice. I turned to find a horse sticking its head out of the water; only it seemed a little off. The creature didn’t have a beautiful mane of hair like a horse; instead, it was coated in shimmery black scales and wiry strands for its mane. The creature’s huge, diamond-shaped eyes were tar black, blacker than its scales. It was like some hellish beast, crawling up from the depths of the underworld.

“Really, where is she?” I kept a cautious distance.

“In here, in the water with me,” the creature cooed.

“Well, tell her to come out here, please,” I ordered. “You won’t be drowning me tonight, kelpie.”

The kelpie smiled and slowly floated closer to me. “You are wise to not come in here, little one,” it informed me. “But I do know where your friend is. I will make a trade with you.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t have anything worth trading,” I told it.

“I beg to differ, that bracelet of yours is very pretty.”

I glanced down at the gift Tess had made for me. I couldn’t bear to part with it. But I desperately wanted to get home.

“Okay, here,” I said, holding it out for the creature.

“Would you be so kind as to weave it into my hair for me?” it asked.

I hesitated for a moment but then thought that the kelpie wouldn’t hurt me if we were making a trade. But what if it was a trap? I felt like crying in frustration. I just wanted to go home. But I needed Lattie for that. I walked toward the water creature slowly and shakily, on the verge of tears.

“That’s it, just a little closer,” coaxed the horse monster.

I was up to my knees in the water now, reaching for the wiry mane with my trembling hands. Just as my cold and wet fingers touched the oily wires of the mane, the sharp edges cutting my fingers, someone shouted from behind me.

“Avery! What are you doing?” shouted Lattie. “Get out of there now!”

I turned and tried to run out of the water, but it was too late. I was being pulled under, into the murky depths of the pond. Cold, disgusting water filled my lungs as I struggled to get to the surface.

Just one breath of air! I thought to myself, as I sucked in more water.

I kicked and grabbed anything in my reach, hoping to get free, but all I could feel was the pressure from of the kelpie’s huge hooves holding me down along with its massive fishtail wrapped around my torso. Suddenly, my limbs began to go numb and my chest tightened.

I was drowning, and I was extremely aware of it.

My lungs burned as if they were soaked in gasoline, my limbs ached while my body clung to every last drop of oxygen in my system. Poor Lattie, I thought, she’s too tiny to save me. I hoped she got away. After one more failed attempt to free myself, the kelpie tightened its tail around my body like a snake choking the last dose of life from its prey, and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and accept what was happening.

I was dying.

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Iron & Wine Gets a New Life with Cursed Lands

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you probably know that I’ve got a few books under my belt. I’m currently working on my 15th novel, 5th full length screenplay, and have taken the plunge into audiobooks with my International Bestselling Series Dark Tides.

But, like everything, it had to start somewhere, right? For me, that start was The Ironworld Series. I began writing the first book, Iron & Wine, right after I graduated high school. Picking away at it by hand (I know, right?) in this gorgeous leather journal I had (which I STILL have, for sentimental reasons).

Then I went off to college to study Interior Design and that journal got tucked away at the bottom of my closet, never to be seen again.

Or so I’d thought…

After college, I went off to Alberta where I met my wonderful hubby. I spent a few years perfecting my career as an Interior Designer. Won a few awards. Worked with some amazing people. But when I felt as though I’d squeezed as much joy from that venture, my mind began to wander.

What did I really want to do? What was DREAM?

Well, it was to be a writer, of course. Before I went to college for Design, I’d been accepted to three school for Creative Writing. But I was terrified to take that road. Worried I’d never get a “real job” with it.

So, years later, after I had taken a major detour, I dug through my closet, dusted off that old leather journal, and fell back in love with Iron & Wine. I immersed myself in it. It took four years, but I finally typed those delicious words that every author longs for; THE END.

But was it?

I had no idea how to publish a book, or find an agent, or any of that. I just knew I had a book and I loved it. This was right around the time that the dawn of self-publishing was emerging, so I did a little research and was sold. 100% control over everything? The obsessive control freak in me squealed. Self-publishing was for me.

So, I polished up the manuscript to the best of my ability, had my Graphic Designer hubby create a cover for it, and was on my way. But little did I know…I was a guppy in an ocean of dolphins. I didn’t have an editor, I had zero technical training, and my husband was a specialist in logo designs…not book covers (at the time. Now he’s a multi award-nominated cover designer *proud smile*)

Check out the very first attempt at the Iron & Wine cover! Wow, this sucker brings back memories LOL

But, still, despite my nativity, readers embraced Iron & Wine with open arms. They loved the quirky characters and the majestic storyline of a magical hidden world of Faerie right at your fingertips. Book two, Blood & Bone was birthed from that very same love of readers and the conclusion soon followed; Love & Magic. This series holds a special place in my heart because it taught me A LOT. I learned to follow my dreams, hone my craft, absorb as much knowledge as I could fit into my brain.

Now, almost a decade later, I’m a #1 International Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Screenplay Writer, and about to publish my 15th novel. It was a long road, I put A TON into my craft, built my readership, and took some marketing courses.

Now, here I am once again brushing the dust off Iron & Wine. My ticket that got me into the world of publishing. The platform I built everything on. The book deserves a fresh breath of air. It spent months in editing, both line and developmental. It got a shiny new cover. And what better way to launch this overhauled baby of mine?

With an epic collection of other YA Fantasy books with 20+ other kick-ass authors in my genre! That’s right, the Special Edition of Iron & Wine will be found exclusively in the Cursed Lands box set on May 7th for a VERY limited time. The entire 23 book collection of full-length novels is just A DOLLAR! And you get the Special Edition version of Iron & Wine. After that, when it’s released solo, Iron & Wine will be full price…so make sure to reserve yours now while you can!


So, for those who’ve never read The Ironworld Series, you’re probably asking, “Well, what the heck is Iron & Wine about, anyway, Candace?”. It’s a YA Fantasy Romance about a human girl accidentally stumbling upon a hidden magical world of mythical creatures. Fairies, mermaids, trolls, vampires, shapeshifters…you name it. Here’s the run down for book one.

Three mythical races. Decades of ancient war. And the love of one girl to save them all.

Going to college was supposed to open new doors for art student Avery Quinn. She just didn’t think one of those doors would be the gateway to another world, a hidden universe full of mythical creatures beyond the realm of belief, cloaked by modern day.

With an evil fairy Hell-bent on her demise and decades of a mythical war coming to fruition…Avery must find a way to help her magical friends end the ancient feud before the effects spill over into her own world.

But when the love of a gorgeous Australian vampire turns her life upside down, Avery finds her heart hanging in the balance…as well as her humanity.

Fans of HOLLY BLACK and MELISSA MARR Will Fall in Love with The Ironworld Series!

And here’s a little snippet from the book!

I nearly drowned. But, as much as the fear was still fresh in my veins, the thought was already beginning to wash away. Replaced by a new feeling. An obsession. I was utterly enthralled with the world of Faerie and wanted nothing more than to explore it again.

Even if it killed me.

So, that’s it. That’s the history of Iron & Wine, the very first book I ever created. It had a long road to get where it is today, and I love it like a first-born child. But you know what the best part of this journey is? The Cursed Lands collection is aiming to hit the USA TODAY list during release week (May 7th-14th). That’s right, if we make our goal, if we hit that sweet coveted list, I’ll become a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR with the VERY FIRST book I ever wrote! Insane and amazing!

Reserve your $.99 copy now and help us attain that goal. We’ve been working for almost a year towards this and we’re sooooo close. Not only will you be helping us with this dream, you’ll also be getting 23 full-length YA Fantasy novels.


PLUS! That’s not all! We have presents!

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Anyhoo, that’s enough ranting from me haha I just wanted to share my decade-long journey with this book. Be sure to check in during May 7th-14th to see how we’re doing with Cursed Lands. Fingers crossed we make our goal! We’ve put our blood, sweat, and tears into this endeavour for almost a year! =)

Have an awesome weekend, readers! *kiss*

The Cursed Lands ‘I Love YA Scavenger Hunt’ is On!

Welcome to my tour stop on the I ❤️ YA Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by the authors of Cursed Lands! This is the FINAL stop on the hunt! So, be sure to look for the secret word below to complete the entry and enter to win!

All the hunt rules are on the main website: But a quick reminder: Find the secret word in BOLD in my blog post below and string it together with the words from all the other hunt stops to win the grand prize $100 Amazon Gift card!

*OPTIONAL: I’m also hosting another giveaway, so make sure you read all the way to the bottom of my post for your chance to win!

This massive scavenger hunt will be your chance to meet some new YA and NA authors, grab a bunch of free books, and sign up to win a whole bunch of epic prizes! In addition to a $100 grand prize, many of the authors will be offering free books and other prizes!


Each author will be given a special keyword, which will be bolded and all caps like this: CURSED.

All you have to do is visit all the author’s sites in the correct order (laid out below), write down the special keywords in their blog post to discover the short story, then enter the giveaway with the completed secret story on the Cursed Lands website.

There will be one main giveaway for the Grand Prize, but most of the participating authors will also have smaller giveaways for free books, gift cards, or author swag, so make sure you read their post carefully to see what else they’re offering while you’re on their site for the keyword!!!


Participating authors will have their post up with their secret keyword, giveaway, and behind the scenes info about their Cursed Lands story by February 1! Readers just need to go through the list, find the words, and use the story to enter for the grand prize. The last day to complete the hunt and enter to win the Grand Prize is February 14!


  1. Kim Cresswell
  2. M.K. Chester
  3. Emma Hamm
  4. Claire Luana
  5. Dorothy Dreyer
  6. Elle Scott
  7. A.J. Flowers
  8. Krista Street
  9. Alison Ingleby
  10. Angela Kulig
  11. B. Kristin McMichael
  12. Jenna Lee
  13. Char Webster
  14. K.A. Parkinson
  15. J.L. Myers
  16. Steven Whibley
  17. Michael J. Allen
  18. Lee French
  19. Candace Osmond
  20. Cursed Lands site-ENTER FOR GRAND PRIZE!

First, a little bit about my title in the Cursed Lands box set, Iron & Wine!

Three mythical races. Decades of ancient war. And the love of one girl to save them all.

Going to college was supposed to open new doors for art student Avery Quinn. She just didn’t think one of those doors would be the gateway to another world, a hidden universe full of mythical creatures beyond the realm of belief, cloaked by modern day.

With an evil fairy Hell-bent on her demise and decades of a mythical war coming to fruition…Avery must find a way to help her magical friends end the ancient feud before the effects spill over into her own world.

But when the love of a gorgeous Australian vampire turns her life upside down, Avery finds her heart hanging in the balance…as well as her humanity.

Fans of HOLLY BLACK and MELISSA MARR Will Fall in Love with The Iron World Series!

About the Cursed Lands Box Set

Mysterious strangers. Hidden abilities. Inescapable darkness…

Join our courageous heroines and heroes as they battle demons, governments, and secret organizations in worlds where fae, vampires, angels, witches, humans, and even A PRINCE fight for survival.

Cursed Lands will lead you through one doomed world after another in this haunting dystopian, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance boxed set. Inside, you’ll find 22 exclusive, page-turning tales from today’s bestselling and award-winning authors.

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Special Edition Iron & Wine Found Exclusively Inside Cursed Lands!

I’ve been writing and publishing for over a decade and with those whirlwind ten years came 12 published novels, endless short stories, 6 screenplays, 2 awards, International accolade, and a full-time freelance writing career. I’ve taken all the necessary steps in order to become a real-life writer. But, like anything in life, it all starts somewhere, right?

For me, that start was Iron & Wine. It’s the first book in my Iron World Series, and the very first book I ever had published. It’s an Urban Fantasy Romance about the ancient politics of Faerie and the mythological world of creatures that live hidden all around us. Vampires, shapeshifters, trolls, witches, you name it. The series has it all.

I gained my first readers with this book. My first reviews. Got my ‘sea legs’ when it came to indie publishing. But I began writing it when I was a teenager, and it’s been nearly 10 years since it’s first released. It deserves a fresh overhaul to update the story, tighten up the writing, and refresh the face with a brand-new cover.

Which is why the Special Edition of Iron & Wine is going to be released inside Cursed Lands, a gorgeous Urban Fantasy collection of over 20+ novels written by Award-Winning and Bestselling Authors!

I could have launched the new passion project for $0.99 to the world and readers would have been happy with all the extra bonus content. But why not offer it at that price but along with 20+ other full-length novels for readers to enjoy? It’s like you’re buying Iron & Wine for a dollar and getting all the other books for FREE!

So, what exactly are you getting with the Cursed Lands Collection that releases May 7th?


Three mythical races. Decades of ancient war. And the love of one girl to save them all.

Going to college was supposed to open new doors for art student Avery Quinn. She just didn’t think one of those doors would be the gateway to another world, a hidden universe full of mythical creatures beyond the realm of belief, cloaked by modern day.

With an evil fairy Hell-bent on her demise and decades of a mythical war coming to fruition…Avery must find a way to help her magical friends end the ancient feud before the effects spill over into her own world.

But when the love of a gorgeous Australian vampire turns her life upside down, Avery finds her heart hanging in the balance…as well as her humanity.

Fans of HOLLY BLACK and MELISSA MARR Will Fall in Love with The Iron World Series!

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Halloween Rite to Reign Scavenger Hunt!

It’s my favourite time of year…Fall! I mean, what’s NOT to love? The warm colors, the crisp Autumn air, the scent of pumpkins and cinnamon and spice. Don’t even get e started on comfy boots and knitted scarves. I could go on for days.

But one of the very BEST things about Fall…


This year I’ve teamed up with a whole pack of authors to create a collection of witchy stories. Rite to Reign is an anthology packed with 25 full length books, each one with a central theme of witches and sorcerers.

My contribution to the collection is Reigning Magicks, co-authored with my writer bestie JJ King and follows the tale of Princess Ashlynn, heir to the Irish Clan Kavanaugh throne. It starts out set in the 1700s, with a backdrop of Irish and Scottish lore, but we’ve created a hidden realm where these characters exist outside of the normal world. Kind of like Harry Potter but with epic witches and fiery feuds between clans.

So, What’s It About?

In order to maintain a shaky peace treaty, Conal Kavanaugh promises his oldest daughter’s hand in marriage to the rival Scottish clan. But Ashlynn will have nothing of it. Desperate, she performs an ancient spell to bring peace to her people without having to marry the Laird Bricagos. But, of course, the spell goes awry, and Ashlynn is sent to the future where she stumbles into the hands of a gypsy prince and warlock, Cian.

Together, they figure out what became of her people and search for a way to send Ashlynn back, but find themselves drawn to one another with each passing minute. Could it be the spell working its magic? Or maybe the only way to bring peace to her people was to remove Princess Ashlynn from the equation altogether. But where does that leave her? Lost and stranded in the future where rival clans are still fighting for power, only this time…her heart is on the line.

Preorder your copy of Rite to Reign where you will exclusively find our story Reigning Magicks! It’s on sale right now for just $0.99! Reserve yours here!

The Hunt

Now, let’s get to the real reason why you’re here. The scavenger hunt! I’m giving away this super cute witchy ring to one lucky winner! All you have to do is fill out the form below and you’ll be entered to win! It’s open to US and Canadian residents. 


For a map of each stop on the hunt and to win more prizes, click here!

And, to keep the fun Halloween scavenger hunt going, click here to visit the next author’s giveaway! Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Let’s Talk About WITCHES!

With Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, just around the corner, let’s have a chat about all things witches. If you’re someone like me who looks at the books, TV, and movies in a “big picture” kinda way, then you’ve probably already predicted the next BIG trend. And, yes, it’s most definitely witches.

Witches in Film

On the small screen, we’re seeing reboots of classics like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Charmed. Not to mention the recently announced reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which we all know has the beloved character Willow! I’ll be eagerly watching to see how they portray such an iconic character.

Then, new shows like A Discovery of Witches, based on the Bestselling books by Deborah Harkness.

In movies, we’re seeing all kinds of witchy related goodness! Just peruse the Netflix library to see for yourself. But I’m most excited for the announcement of The Craft remake.

Witches in Books

There’s so much good stuff out there to watch if you’re a love of the Paranormal and Fantasy genres, especially with a witchy theme. But did you know that most ideas come from books? That’s right. All the really good stuff starts with a good witchy read. A popular series. A Bestseller. So, be sure to scoop up any new books about witches because it just might be the next big thing to reach the screen!

How Do I Fit in to This?

My author bestie, JJ King, and I spent all year writing a Time Travel Fantasy Romance about a powerful Celtic Witch Princess who tries to escape an arranged marriage to a Scottish Sorcerer. Ashlynn attempts an ancient spell and accidentally throws herself to the future where she lands in the hands of a handsome Romani prince and powerful sorcerer named Cian. It’s called Reigning Magicks and will be found exclusively in the upcoming Rite to Reign collection in December! We’re both so excited to be joining 25 other amazing authors in this awesome project!

Preorder your 25 books right now and reserve the special $0.99 price! Click here!

The Best Collection of Witchy Stories: Rite to Reign

Rite to Reign is a collection of 25 Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy stories and has been my passion project this year. Partnering with my author bestie, JJ Jing, we sat down and created one of our best stories to date! I’m serious, guys. Reigning Magicks is our contribution to the collection and it follows the story of a powerful Celtic princess and heir to the clan Kavanaugh kingdom. When she seeks a way out of an arranged marriage, she accidently throws herself to present day and in the hands of a handsome Gypsy prince named Cian.

Wanna Read a Snippet from Our Story?

“How could you? How could Father?”

“It’s for the good of the people, darling,” Aoife insisted, her expression remaining staid.

Ashlynn exhaled, trying to find her balance. “I do not require a man to help me rule our people,” she argued, trying to sound rational, even though her rage still flourished inside. “I am far more capable than any man or woman in the clan. You know it as true a I do.”

“Be that as it may,” Aoife replied, inclining her head, “your father and I must consider our people before your feelings and if you were thinking with the heart of a ruler, which,” she arched a delicate eyebrow, “you should be, you would see the logic in this arrangement.”

“Arrangement?” Ashlynn shook her head in frustration. “Let us call it for what it is, Mother. I’m to be sold off like cattle to the Scots so that you and our people,” she spit the words out, “can continue the lives they’ve grown accustomed to. You would sacrifice me to the savages and then demand me smile prettily as I am carted off into the wilderness. You ask too much.”


Reigning Magicks is just ONE of the 25 amazing books found inside this wickedly good anthology. And 25 full length books for just a dollar is a steal of a deal! Be sure to pre-order yours today and be the first to read when it comes out in December!

Wait! There’s More!

The Rite to Reign authors have put together a cornucopia of goodies for you! Read on to find your freebies, join the hunt, and party with us!

Join the Hunt

The Rite to Reign Scavenger Hunt has a new author, blog, and prize EVERY SINGLE DAY in October! Click here to find all the goodies!

Come Party with Us!

The Rite to reign party room has been hoppin’ for weeks now! We’ve got games and prizes daily, PLUS a huge prize for every member threshold met. We’re so close to the next threshold with a prize of a signed paperback combo! The final prize will be an Amazon Echo! Join here!

Get Your FREE Gift!

The authors of Rite to Reign have put together this awesome FREE gift for readers who have graciously pre-ordered the anthology! The Book of Spells is packed full of witchy goodness and is totally FREE! If you’ve pre-ordered your $0.99 copy of Rite Reign then scoop up your gift right here!

And that’s about it, folks! Like I mentioned earlier, Rite to Reign is a passion project and I embarked on this amazing journey in hopes of hitting the USA TODAY list. In fact, that the goal of all 25 authors in the set. EVERY share counts. EVERY pre-order is one step toward reaching that dream. If you love Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and wicked good deals, then PLEASE pre-order Rite to Reign for just $0.99! Just be sure to take advantage of all the amazing goodies we’ve whipped up for readers, too!