The Best Paranormal Books about Witches to Read This Halloween

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paranormal books about witches

Who doesn’t love a good Paranormal book? I know that it is exactly what I tend to reach for when I want to escape for while and dive head first into something that pushes the limits of my imagination. Are you looking for a good pick? Are there just so many out there that you don’t know which one to read next? Here let me help you with that; all it takes is a good recommendation to get you out of a slump and I have just the suggestions that should grab your attention and have you moving happily into the land of Paranormal.


A Magical Shift – Weres and Witches of Silver Lake (Book 1)

a magical shift

Now this book looks very intriguing. Witches and Weres tied into one with a side of Romance. Isadora is a witch that dreams of a normal life, and Ryerson is on route to becoming the Alpha. The connection between the two intensifies quickly and when Isadora’s life is at risk, Ryerson offers up his protection. Sounds like a fantastic book to grab when you want to cozy up in a comfy chair and enjoy a little romance mixed with conflict. Check out the best price and grab your copy here!


The Devil’s Fool – The Devil Series (Volume 1)

the devils fool

Power hungry parents can be a tricky thing, especially when it comes to supernatural powers. Eva wants nothing to do with her magic; however, her parents can’t seem to get enough and are angered by her lack of interest. A handsome vampire is there to show her what it is like to be loved which Eva is afraid will cloud her judgment. Get the best deal and a copy of your own right here!


Sterling – Mageri Series (Book 1)


Zoe is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life until she is attacked and barely survived with the help of an ex-soldier. But Zoe is not as ordinary as she would like to seem, she has an energy flowing through her body that is unexplainable. With the help of Justus De Gradi, she learns that she is a Mage and that he can teach her how to hone that energy and use it. Get the current best price right here!


A Stolen Heart: Lenora – The Wayward Witches (Book 1)


What could be more interesting than a witch searching for immortality? A coven of witches of course! Lenora is the leader of a small Coven of witches with the sole purpose of gaining permanent immortality. She just has to find the final witch to complete her circle, as well as one last ingredient and she’ll have everything she’s ever needed to complete the ritual. Grab this novella, plus the other 4 Wayward Witches books, and join Lenora and her coven for one dark, edgy, and sexy ride. Get the #1 Bestselling Book right here!


Breaking the Storm – Credence Curse (Book 1)

breaking the storm

A Fae Witch? Enough said! Of course, there has to be a twist, and there is. A curse is set on Stormy, a young fae witch, that if she is ever to find love, her mate would be doomed to a terrible death. However, Knox is not about to let her go and insists that they be together. This book seems to be the perfect amount of powerful women, smoking hot romance and, of course, some dark, dark magic. Get the lowest price and start your Halloween to-be-read list here!


The Witches of Black Brook (Book 1)

witches of black brook

We’ll end this list with one of my favorite witchy books! This is the first in an ongoing series and begins the tale of three magical sisters who find themselves in the future, far from the past they know during the Salem Witch Trials. It’s dark, haunting, and so beautiful. I loved this book and I know you will, too! Grab a copy right here!


What did you think? Was this list helpful? Have you read any of these amazing books? Don’t forget to share, share, share the awesome bookish love with all your friends!

The Canada 150 Literary Tour NL

Canada 150 Literary Tour NL
The awesome team at LENL (Literary Events NL) and the Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries have joined forces to put together this AMAZING summer book tour!
The Canada 150 Literary Tour NL will consist of 10 library events across the island over the course of 6 weeks starting July 12th in Stephenville. Each event will host a number of different local authors and the entire thing ends with an epic grand finale in St. John’s.
The grand finale will be held on Aug. 16th at the library and will showcase some interactive discussion panels from the best literary talent the province has to offer. This will be followed by an evening of author book signings and other fun stuff!
To top it all off, the entire event is FREE ADMISSION!
If you’re a reader, then be sure to check out the tour stops below and mark your calendars! Also, follow the event’s Facebook and Twitter! We’ll be announcing some BIG guests over the next few weeks.
And, if you’re an author, be sure to sign up right here (for free!) if you’d like to join the tour.
If you’re a reader of mine, here are the tour stops I’ll be making:

Fogo Aug 1st 5-7:45pm

Gander Aug 2nd 5-7:45pm

St. John’s Grand Finale Aug 16th 12:30-7:75pm

Release Day for Dangerous Beauty by Author Rhonda Brewers

New Release Alert


Fellow Newfoundland author, Rhonda Brewers is celebrating the release of Dangerous Beauty this week. It’s book four in the popular O’Connor Brothers Romance series, a long-awaited addition to the steamy collection. If you’re an avid Romance reader and love gorgeous backdrops like that of the rocky Newfoundland shores, then you NEED to grab this book!



When you come from a privileged family, you’re expected to follow a particular path in life. Unless you’re Emily Bradshaw. Defying her father, Emily turned down a full scholarship to Dalhousie University. Instead, she followed her dream and opened her own salon in the small town of Hopedale with her friend. She’s happy. Then her mother vanishes. Her father receives threatening messages and hires Newfoundland Security Services to protect his children. Emily doesn’t like the idea, especially when the man that walks into her salon dressed in a black leather jacket makes her weak in the knees. Emily knows she’s in danger but not the kind her father is worried about.

Keith O’Connor isn’t expecting his newest security job to be anything out of the ordinary. Then he walks into Snippy Gals, a beauty salon in Hopedale. Keith gets the shock of his life when an auburn haired beauty turns to face him. Emily is defiant, sassy, and her sexy curves have him in a complete spin. Fighting his feelings for her becomes almost impossible, but when Emily’s mother is found, a family secret is revealed turning Emily’s life upside down. Can Keith help her cope and keep her out of the clutches of a vengeful stranger?


Click Here to Grab Your Copy Today!

Have You Read Killer Me Yet?


killer me psychological thriller book


Killer Me is my Psychological Thriller about a girl named Alice. A loner, a bit of a punk, and fresh out of the foster system, Alice sticks to her small daily routines and needs nothing more than the companionship of her best friend and great dane, Bogey.

But when the news become flooded with reports of a resurfaced serial killer running around Vancouver city, Alice can’t help but notice. Especially when a strange man keeps popping up wherever she goes. Soon, Alice realizes that this man is stalking her and could very well be The Vancouver Phantom.

This suspicion is validated when he approaches her on the train, an action that catches the attention of the police. They then use Alice as bait to lure the killer in but when Detective Murphy discovers that The Vancouver Phantom may actually be Alice’s estranged father…things change.

Check out this awesome video review of Killer Me by Bestselling Author Charlene Carr!

And, I can’t reveal TOO much right now, but Killer Me is being considered for a film adaptation! (yay!) So, if you enjoy reading the book before seeing the movie, then I suggest you scurry over to Amazon or your closest bookstore and grab a copy! You can even request it from your local library!

To stay up to date on my Killer Me movie news, sign up for my Reader Perks right here!



FREEBIE FRIDAY! 6 Totally Free Books for You to Read This Weekend!

freebie fridays

freebie Friday free books kindle books kindle unlimited instafreebie


I’m working on some really great content for the blog, so hang in there and stay tuned!


In the meantime, here’s 6 more totally free books for you to choose from (or read all!) this weekend! Just because I love ya’ll!

A Stolen Heart

Mr. Monday

Blood of Eden

Caught Between Dragons

Veiled Eyes

Dead Running


FREEBIE FRIDAY! Read for FREE This Weekend!

freebie fridays

free kindle books

Every Friday I’m going to start treating my readers and spreading the love for fellow authors. No strings attached, no catch, just FREE books for you to enjoy every single weekend! Just click the titles below to grab one, or all six free Kindle books!

Iron & Wine


All Good Deeds

Arm Candy

Number the Stars

The Vampire Gift

RELEASE DAY! Then She Danced by Janice Godin


janice godin, then she danced, womens fiction, contemporary romance

Gorgeous Women’s Fiction with a Dash of Romance

One of the things I love most about being an author is that there’s no competition. I come from a world of high end Interior Design, and there’s nothing more cutthroat, believe me. Being a full-time writer has it’s ups and downs, but at least there’s an amazing community of like-minded people who love to support one another.

That’s why I’m sharing the release of this amazing Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance novel by my author bestie Janice Godin. If you love a beautifully woven story that shows a woman overcoming her a tragic past, then this is the book for you.

Then She Danced is set in rural Newfoundland and follows the story of Kathleen as she seeks refuge from an abusive relationship, finds comfort in an old journal she uncovers, and finally learns to dance again.

Get your copy today for just $.99! And hurry, that’s a release day deal!

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Follow Janice Godin online for more news about upcoming books and contests!

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Aspiring Authors! Lend Me Your Ears!




Being a professional writer and author is tough stuff, let me tell you. But it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done with my life. So many aspects of what I do bring me joy on a daily basis and one of them is networking with aspiring authors and budding writers.

Lucky me, I get to co-operate the very first ever writing group here at my local library where I can help writers achieve their goals and hone their craft. Alongside my amazing author bestie, Janice Godin, I’ll get to meet face-to-face with the members of our group and learn their doubts, questions, goals, and help them get to where they need to be.

Plus, we get to talk about books! My second favorite thing in the whole world!

So, for those of you who are local to Newfoundland, The Kindale Writing Group will meet once every month on a Wednesday evening. Our very first session is this Wednesday, Nov. 9th, 2016. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join! Just contact me here.

And for those of you outside of Newfoundland and around the world, I’ll be compiling every session into helpful notes to post here on my blog. So, literally, everyone can benefit from the things being learned and discussed in our meetings.


A Day in the Life of an Author!


Oi! It’s tough stuff being an independent author, but it’s also one of the most rewarding choices I’ve made in my career thus far. Like most authors, I wish I could just sit and write all day long and for that to be enough. Sadly, my work day consists of marketing, research, emails, paperwork, meetings with designers, etc. All of that has to comes before my writing, making it a 70/30 split between the two (30% being for writing). But I’m grateful each and every day that I get to do what I love and readers love it in return! Thanks for everything and bare with me while I navigate the abyss of this website and techy tech stuff =)