Best Paranormal Romance Books to Read if You Love Faeries



Faeries are magical creatures that can either scare you half to death, or greatly intrigue you. They tend to bend every limit applied to them and just when we think we know what they are capable of, BAM! Everything changes. There’s all kinds of Faerie lore floating around out there, and so many talented authors take different approaches to portraying the Fae in their books, it is extremely interesting to see what new and exciting twists are brought forward. If you’re looking for your next Faerie pick, look no further than this list.

Wicked Lovely – Wicked Lovely (Book #1)

If you haven’t read this series, you need to start right this minute. Melissa Marr does an amazing job of sharing the faerie world with us and even provides some guidelines/rules to follow if ever in the presence of a faerie. If you can see them, do NOT stare at the them. If they start talking to you, do NOT speak to them, and whatever you do, do NOT attract their attention. Intrigued yet? You should be. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Marr at RTCon one year and totally fan-girled out. She’s the reason I began writing in the genre in the first place. That’s how much I fell in love with this series.



Tithe – Modern Faerie Tales (Book #1)

This trilogy is one of my absolute favourites, Tithe being the first book, of course. It follows a young girl named Kaye who travels with her mother’s rock band. Unfortunately, an attack causes Kaye to move back to New Jersey where she grew up and finds herself in the midst of a battle for power between the faerie kingdoms. This book is a little dark in places, which I adore. It’s refreshing that Holly Black pushed those boundaries and constantly creates these dark, beautiful worlds. I’m currently reading her latest novel, The Cruel Prince, a magnificent work of art, not just in the writing but the design of the book as well. It would have made this list, but I’m not done reading it yet! Consider it an honorable mention!



Iron & Wine – The Iron World Series (Book #1)

Not to toot my own horn, or anything, but if you enjoyed Wicked Lovely, then you’ll devour The Iron World Series. Book one, Iron & Wine, follows Avery Quinn, a young artist who is moving to the city for art school. When she accidentally opens the door to Faerie, a hidden, magical world full of mythical creatures, her life explodes with chaos. An ancient war has been brewing for decades and Avery sets things in motion. Add in a dash of romance with a sexy Australian vampire, you’ve got yourself a perfectly woven Paranormal Fantasy Romance series!



Darkfever – Fever (Book #1)

The Fever series by far is one of the best Fae series out there. It takes things to a whole new level with multiple worlds, mirrors that are portals, creatures that die and return to life again and again, slipstreams and so many other amazing things. Follow MacKayla as she travels to Ireland in search of answers after her sister had been murdered. There she finds more than just answers; she finds a whole new world, challenges and some very seductive men, if they are even men at all.



Artemis Fowl: Artemis Fowl (Book #1)

Now this is a book that has been whispered about along the grape vines. It has received some amazing reviews and others, not so much. However, Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius who finds out that fairies are real and captures one. But, Artemis is not only a genius but a criminal mastermind who then tries to rob the fairies of their gold, however he doesn’t realise the trouble that would come with doing so. This one was a refreshing take on the popular sub-genre, so if you’re looking for something a smidge different but still within the PNR subgenre of fairies, grab this one now!

Ta Da!

And that’s about it! These books should keep you busy reading for a while. But if you know of any other amazing Paranormal Romance books about the glorious Fae, feel free to comment below! I may update the article in the future! And remember: don’t forget to leave book reviews online. They’re like gold to authors and appease our gods.

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