Dark Tides Audiobooks are Here!

That’s right! I’ve delved into the world of audiobooks. I wanted to expand my pirates’ universe and reach even more readers with my Time Travel series and I’m so glad I did. I’ll be honest, I’m actually not an audiobook reader. I’ve tried and tried. But my brain won’t quiet down enough to retain the words. But I was determined to figure out the root of the problem and I finally did.

It’s the voices.

Particularly, the specific voice of the narrator. It has to be the right tone, pace, and have a level of emotion that I just wasn’t getting from a lot of audiobooks I listened to. So, I went on a hunt. It took me well over a year, but I finally found the PERFECT narrator who I could listen to for days. Samantha Brentmoor from Brick Shop Audio and let me tell you…she’s amazing. Not only is her natural voice exactly how I imagined Dianna in my mind, but she nails Finn’s rough and tough Scottish humor. I couldn’t ask for any better.

And I hope you guys love her, too!

Books one and two are complete and available on Amazon, Audible, and iBooks. The rest of the series is in development and will be complete sometime this Fall. So, if you want to start Dark Tides and prefer the awesomeness of audiobooks, now’s your chance! Get The Devil’s Heart and The Pirate Queen right now!



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