Best Paranormal Books to Read if You Love Witches



Who doesn’t love a good Paranormal book? I know that it is exactly what I tend to reach for when I want to escape for while and dive head first into something that pushes the limits of my imagination. Are you looking for a good pick? Are there just so many out there that you don’t know which one to read next? Here let me help you with that; all it takes is a good recommendation to get you out of a slump and I have just the suggestions that should grab your attention and have you moving happily into the land of Paranormal.


A Magical Shift – Weres and Witches of Silver Lake (Book 1)

Now this book looks very intriguing. Witches and Weres tied into one with a side of Romance. Isadora is a witch that dreams of a normal life, and Ryerson is on route to become Alpha. The connection between the two intensifies quickly and when Isadora’s life is at risk, Ryerson offers up his protection. Sounds like a fantastic book to grab when you want to cozy up in a comfy chair and enjoy a little romance mixed with conflict.


The Devil’s Fool – The Devil Series (Volume 1)

Power hungry parents can be a tricky thing, especially when it comes to supernatural powers. Eva wants nothing to do with her magic; however her parents can’t seem to get enough and are angered by her lack of interest. A handsome vampire is there to show her what it is like to be loved which Eva is afraid will cloud her judgement.


Sterling – Mageri Series (Book 1)

Zoe is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life until she is attacked and barely survived with the help of an ex-soldier. But Zoe is not as ordinary as she would like to seem, she has an energy flowing through her body that is unexplainable. With the help of Justus De Gradi, she learns that she is a Mage and that he can teacher her how to hone that energy and use it.


A Stolen Heart: Lenora – The Wayward Witches (Book 1)

What could be more interesting than a Witch searching for immortality? A coven of witches of course! Lenora is the leader of a small Coven of witches with the sole purpose of gaining permanent immortality. She just has to find the final witch to complete her circle as well as one last ingredient and all with be ready to begin. Grab this Novella (and of course the following 4) and join Lenora and her coven for one heck of a ride.


Breaking the Storm – Credence Curse (Book 1)

A Fae Witch, enough said! Of course there has to be a twist, and there is. A curse is set on Stormy, a young fae witch, that if she is ever to find love, her mate would be doomed to a terrible death. However Knox is not about to let her go, and insists that they be together. This book seems to be the perfect amount of powerful women, smoking hot romance, and of course some dark, dark magic.


The Witches of Black Brook (Book 1)


We’ll end this list with one of my favorite witchy books! This is the first in an ongoing series and begins the tale of three magical sisters who find themselves in the future, far from the past they know during the Salem Witch Trials. It’s dark, haunting, and so beautiful. I loved this book and I know you will, too!

If you adore anything witchy related, then you’re sure to find your next favorite book on this list. Have you read any of these? Have any others you think should have made the list? Be sure to comment and share below! And if you’re in the mood for magic more on the fairy side, check out my list of books to read if you love fairies right here!

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